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About Me.


I have been a coach for over 4 years and have helped numerous clients reach their goals. My experience as a coach has been extremely rewarding. I am passionate about helping my clients learn how to manage their ADHD and reach their full potential. I firmly believe that with the right strategies, everyone can achieve success. My background and education in psychology and counselling provides me with a unique perspective on helping clients with ADHD. 

My Approach

At Authentic ADHD Coaching, I take a holistic approach to coaching. I understand that ADHD can impact all areas of life, and I work with clients to develop personalized strategies to improve their overall functioning. My approach is focused on building skills and creating sustainable change.

I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and struggled in my relationships, career, and school. My approach will involve a profound ability to empathize with your experience and I will provide a non judgemental approach to connect with you and help you achieve your full potential

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